blue flame This little image is a closeup of the top of one of the Arnold Tongues (phase locked regions occurring at frequencies that are Farey numbers), specifically, the one that appears on the iterated circle map. There are many more pictures in my Art Gallery.

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Welcome to my home page! This page is (mostly) about me, or things I've done, or things that interest me, or other me-related things. Now that we've got that cleared up ... There's a lot of stuff here, some that I'm proud of, and some that I'm ashamed of. I could remove the shameful stuff. I won't. So its quasi-random assortment of stuff accumulated over the decades. Some of it might be entertaining. But probably not. A lot of stuff here was supposed to be useful for someone, back in the early days of the internet. That stuff is now hopelessly out-of-date. It will never be updated. The rest is a collection, ahem, cough cough, personal detritus and ephemera of an unstructured life pursuing whims without forethought, activities without planning. So, typical human-type stuff.

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I do good work. Seriously. Looking for a worthy quest. Looking to work with the very best. Help me do something important, noble, worthwhile, grand, glorious.

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Recent posts:

I spend most of my on-line social time elsewhere. Even that has changed: it used to be my google+ page (where I spent a HUGE amount of time trying to find the weirdest and most eclectic stuff I could find; sadly, it has been totally whitewashed by algorithms, and become a wasteland of utterly boring monotonously homogeneous utterly uneventful, yet entirely acceptable tasteless, bland feed of porridge. Apparently, the google algorithms aren't able to discern my actual tastes. Is that good news, or bad news?). I don't have the energy to do this again on facebook. Oh well. Turns out that digital life is remarkably ephemeral. Rigor mortis is not just something cadavers do; so do web pages and social media feeds. You're looking at one now.

Here's one that's still breathing: my Medium page. I really, really like the essays I wrote on Medium. Oh, wait, hang on -- that is because they are still mostly fresh. Just wait till they get old and rot a little bit. Who TF knew, back in 1995 or even 2005 that digital media could actually rot? Apparently, the process of life and living not only expects, but demands constant renewal. And with that in mind, I have a brand new Twitter account. Its got four posts so far, including the "hello twitter!" post. Hold on to your butts! Never mind. Forget Twitter. Secure scuttlebutt is the place to be.

Some of my Medium posts that I like:

Some of my Medium posts that are more political, and make me cringe: Medium is .. frustrating. My profile page does not even list all of my essays! Its like... they're gone! WTF! Where are my essays? Arghhh! Corporations!

Meanwhile, back in the past... I used to spend a lot of time on mailing lists, but all the good ones (like cypherpunks) have disappeared. Before that, there was the Ludwig Plutonium guy, and black helicopters, and men in black, and razor-wire detention camps in Arizona for space aliens and three-foot-tall people. All this to be found on the lovely nntp feed alt.conspiracy channel. It was truly an awesome time. For news feeds.

I once wrote over 400 Wikipedia articles on Mathematics (pictures too) until that stopped being fun.

This website? I don't feel like polishing this website to make it adhere to present-day website design sensibilities. This site isn't fresh. This website is a snapshot frozen in time: its what a personal website looked like in 1997, before blogs were invented.

You can anonymously surf this website via TOR: its at http://gsubocaym4lgfdh7tsywyulvef4gnunhq7l4gdzm7rmkxvamc4rqomqd.onion/.

Auto-Biography and Self-Promotion
Let's begin. First, we start with an auto-hagiography and some self-promotion. Cause, like, you know, being employable and stuff like that means that y'gotta write in like, grammatically correct, fully formed and coherent sentences. And all that establishment b.s. You know the drill. So here we go! Here's my employability page on LinkedIn. Wheeee!

Caution: boring sober bits ahead.

At various times in my life, I've been a scientist, technologist and entrepreneur. I have broad interests in mathematics, physics, and computer technology. Oh, and sociology. And Art with a capital A. Oh, and lots of things, actually. Not enough lifetimes for them all.

Many of my current technical interests focus on natural language processing and artificial general intelligence. The NLP directory has pre/re-prints of some of the academic publications that have come out of this work.

My primary research platform is the open-source OpenCog project. For me, OpenCog provides a general technical setting where I can experiment with different machine learning theories and algorithms, with both connectionist and symbolic processing flavors. I've compiled a messy list of related open-source AGI projects here (which is now also hopelessly out of date; so it goes.)

I've spent well over a decade at IBM; most recently working on the Linux kernel for Power architecture-based mainframes. The Linux on the PowerPC wiki is a good place to find out more about IBM Linux mainframes and systems. I've been active in the Linux community; I was a founder of the Gnome Foundation; and was the lead developer for GnuCash for over 7 years. I've founded three dot-com startups, all of which failed to turn me into an asshole billionaire. I mean the billionaire part; I'm an asshole, just not a rich one. I was a founding member of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board; and spent 8 years learning about and designing 3D graphics hardware and software. I have a PhD in theoretical physics from SUNY at Stony Brook. Currently, I am utterly infatuated with mathematics, and have made large contributions to over 400 math articles in Wikipedia. BTW, y'all, global warming is for real. Do something about it.

Vytautas O. Virkau Memorial Archive
Vytautas O. Virkau Memorial Archive. Vytas was my uncle. I loved him dearly. He passed away in 2017. I am trying to assemble an archive of his works and effects that I have in my possession. This is an ongoing effort.
Virkau and Vepstas Family Photos
Family photos. Large. Uncategorized.
Vepstas Family Photos
More Family photos. Semicategorized, unlabelled.

Linas' Mathematical Art Gallery
A colorful exploration of some well-known, but under-examined equations. I think some of this is high Art, and much of the rest of it should be an eye-opener for even jaded fractal mathematicians.

The Art Gallery has been running for over twenty-five years while being silent about the underlying math. I suppose its high time to make amends. The core idea of the dissertation is that the shapes of fractals are describable through Farey Fractions, which appear naturally through continued fractions, which have the symmetry of the Modular Group SL(2,Z), which is inter-twined with the Riemann Zeta and the structure of the set of rational numbers. Besides the four basic operations on the real numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), there is a fifth basic operation which is rarely taught in primary school and under-appreciated at higher levels, namely, "Farey Addition" or, expressed correctly, group multiplication in SL(2,Z). The modular group doesn't just lead to Pellian equations and algebraic numbers, it in fact intertwines all rational numbers (and their extensions to reals and p-adics) in crazy, fractal ways. This is why, for example, one sees Farey Fractions in the Mandelbrot Set. In number theory, the structure of the Modular Group provides a unifying theme for understanding the nature of factorization and primality. This is why, for example, power series and Dirichlet series (such as the Riemann Zeta) exhibit such crazy fractal Cantor-Set type patterns. Despite this connection being seen by Weierstrass as early as 1872, its more-or-less entirely ignored in standard textbooks on Analysis and Number Theory. A series of articles tries to provide some of the underpinnings for the above breathless assertions. Some highlights include:

Political, Economic and Social Screeds
Some short essays that seemed to be important to write, during the first decade of the 2000's. These are ... of a certain bygone era. Most of these are just sly, corrosive expressions of anger and hostility, lashing out at events beyond my control.

Linux Enterprise Computing
A snapshot of what Linux tech looked like in the late 1990's. I was very, very interested in promoting Linux in the business world, back then. I wanted it to succeed wildly! (And it did!) These pages attempted to provide a compendium of references, resources and a guide to prominent Free Software systems and technologies, from the corporate computing perspective. Topics include:

My Free Software Projects
I've worked on many free software projects. Below are some of my favorites, with a more complete list here. My Ohloh account provides details and statistics for some of my more recent, active projects.

Technical Ruminations
Miscellaneous technical articles and notes.

Philosophical Ruminations
Sophomoric, half-baked, incoherent, nutty ideas, most of which have probably already been better-expressed in some top-ten selling book. These include, but are not limited to:

My Weblog
This is the output of my new experimental note-taking and publishing and general-diary tool, GnoTime. We'll see how easy, scalable, effective this tool really is. Or, how dis-interested I am in using it ...

The good stuff is in the form of letters:

Employment History
References pertaining to the various jobs I've held, and what I did while I worked there. In reverse chronological order. Here's a circa-2008 resume.

Formal Schooling
I was lucky, and got a very good education.

Web Site Mirrors and More Web Site Mirrors
A random assortment of mirrored web sites. I mirrored these because at some point in time I thought their content was interesting, and they seemed to be at risk of disappearing forever... and some of them have ... This is my attempt to archive some of these, for some distant future rainy day.

Vintage Netscape Navigator
Some vintage copies of Netscape Navigator, v1.0n, v1.1 beta 1 and v2.0, for Linux/x86. These are circa 1994-1995. The binaries still run on my machine.

A really great photo of me at the 2009 Pumpkinhead 5K head race (7:45AM 31 October 2009). Peter Hoffmann in stroke, we're enroute to the starting line. During the race, we ran the boat aground (into a pollution control barrier), got completely hung up, lost a few minutes trying to get underway again, and still managed to win the race!

Training video, with coach's chase-boat in pursuit.

Taip, aš kalbu Lietuviškai. Parašykite!

Taip, tevas iš Panevežio.

Dabarmėtiniais laikais gyvena apie 6000-12000 kalbėtoju kalbos 'Veps', ant Rusijos-Finlandijos sieno, Karelijoje. Man šove į galvą, ar gali būti, kad, sakykime, prieš 5-10 generacijiu, gal koks žmogus, o gal visa šeima ar giminyste, atvažiavo iš Karelijos, ir apsigyveno Lietuvoje? Nu, Karelija ne taip jau toli nuo Lietuvos. Jeigu taip tikrai iškylo ta keista pavarde 'Vepštas', tai tas primas 'Veps' negalėjo atkeliauti ilgiau negu prieš 10 generaciju (200 metu), nes Vepštai nepaplite po visa Lietuva; bet irgi ne greičiau negu 5 generacijas, nes yra šimtai Vepštu. Tai ... ar galėtu būti?

Finlandijoi randama pavarde 'Vepsalainen'. Dagiau apie Veps.

My Goddess Jewelry
Please buy some of this beautiful jewelry!

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