VIA meets SCI

Own papers and other publications related to this project

Mario Trams, Ralph Schlosser, Wolfgang Rehm:

Design Choices and First Results of Our VIA-Capable PCI-SCI Bridge
In proceedings of CLUSTER2000, IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, ISBN 0-7695-0896-0, Pages 349-350, Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2000, Chemnitz, Germany.
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Mario Trams, Wolfgang Rehm, Daniel Balkanski, Stanislav Simeonov:

Memory Management in a combined VIA/SCI Hardware
In proceedings of PC-NOW 2000, International Workshop on Personal Computer based Networks of Workstations held in conjunction with the International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2000), May 1-5 2000, Cancun/Mexico.
The paper is published within the Springer LNCS series "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" in the book "IPDPS 2000 Workshops - Parallel and Distributed Processing" by Springer, ISSN 0302-9743, ISBN 3-540-67442-X, Pages 4-15.
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Friedrich Seifert:

Development of system software to integrate the Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA) into the Linux operating system kernel for optimized message passing
Diploma Thesis, University of Technology Chemnitz, September 1999
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The work carried out in this diploma thesis is targeted on important system functions for Linux regarding the Virtual Interface Architecture. Besides implementation and improvement of several VIPL functions, mechansims were developed and implemented to add the Shared Memory feature to the suggested VIPL function set.

Mario Trams, Wolfgang Rehm:
A new generic and reconfigurable PCI-SCI bridge
In proceedings to SCI-Europe'99 conference held on 2nd/3rd of September 1999 in Toulouse/France as conference stream of the Euro-Par'99
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Mario Trams, Wolfgang Rehm, Friedrich Seifert:
An advanced PCI-SCI bridge with VIA support
In proceedings to 2.Workshop Cluster-Computing at University of Karlsruhe, 25/26th of March 1999
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Friedrich Seifert:

Design and Implementation of System Software for Transparent Mode Communication over SCI

University of Technology Chemnitz, Feb. 1999

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Mario Trams:
Design of a system-friendly PCI-SCI bridge with an optimized user-interface
Diploma Thesis, University of Technology Chemnitz, Sept. 1998
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This diploma thesis deals with basic things about a new PCI-SCI bridge. It specifies a rough design of such a bridge, especially how to bring together SCI and the Virtual Interface Architecture.

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